2021 – A New Me!

So here we go! my first post of 2021. and after some hectic December events, I finally have some time to write something again. So let’s talk about the New Year’s resolutions. Yes, you can make little promises to change certain things in your life any time of year, but the changing year is a good time to do it. Instead of making huge, grandiose plans for all the ways you’d like to revamp your love life, Let’s try starting small.

For me, 2020 was a bad year for dating or socializing due to COVID and lockdown cities. but let’s wish in 2021 the situation would get better. After some careful considerations, I am expecting these following resolutions can (and should) take me to a less painful place! Here are my relationship resolutions for 2021 ( Hoping so!) and you can use them too, no worries I won’t be mad.

Firstly, Let’s Change up our go-to first date spot. Having one specific restaurant or park bench where you take all of your first dates isn’t a bad idea—it’s nice to feel comfortable, But since our current go-to spot hasn’t been super fruitful in 2020, (or even if it has been), picking a new one isn’t a bad idea. Or better yet, vow to go to a different place on every first date. Think of it as improving your first date feng shui. Let’s try it out and see how things go this time.

Now, another important thing is: let’s Mix up our dating app settings. I used to search for women within 5KM range with a maximum age gap of 5 years. Now that strategy seems to be a failure. Maybe I’ve got this idea in my head that you simply cannot date anyone more than five years older than me. But chances are that rule is made up and meaningless. Let’s alter our age settings, change our match radius, switch out some photos, try a new bio approach—do whatever we gotta do to add some new variety to our dating app pool. I am quite positive with the feeling that this may work out well.

Also, I have come to realize that I need to agree to do something completely new. Get ready to take things a step farther, Try something like mountain climbing, or a movie, or one of those really corny painting museums. This way, if the date goes bad, you at least got a cool experience out of it.

Lastly, Let’s make it a rule to approach people you’re interested in. Instead of waiting on the person, you’ve been eyeing on, walk up to them. This is simple, oft-given advice that’s much easier said than done. But it’s so popular because it’s good. Whether it’s making the first move or over text, FaceBook messenger, or whatever, just do it. You’ll feel better about it. 2021 deserves a new me and a new you.

That’s all for today. wishing less complicated, and happier 2021 for everyone. Cheers.