A Catch Worth Waiting!

It’s been hectic during the COVID-19 pandemic and I was not able to think of anything to write. but today after 2 months I am feeling my urge to share something I have come to realize just recently. In past few decades I have been taken and untaken a few times and there were times I was very sure that I should stop chasing people and insert efforts and attention and just to eventually find out that I was chasing mirage once again. I am sure many of you been through this stage of life and been through similar thoughts. Probably everyone hears at least once during their single years, “How is it that no one has snatched you up yet? You’re such a catch!” (though by my size and shape I am not a catch at all Lols).

Now that I want to think of myself a bit more mature than I was 10 yrs ago, As much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s hard to be prolongedly single. I have no shame to admit that I used to sit on top of a mountain peek near by house and look at the wide sky and smoke one after another, and think, once in a while. I used to ride my motorcycle and roam around places destinationalessly, alone. And sometimes I would suddenly feel a big weight – the awareness that my youth was passing me by and maybe Moira’s “Ikaw at Ako” was not meant for me.

But Anyways, my life was going on its’ own pace and direction. After every heart break I was able to put myself back together, and be on my way to move forward. Thanks to my very few friends I would always be grateful for being there, always. Friends who cares, to listen to my silence and silently supported me with all my ideas.

To give you a little background, I never had the appetite to find love for conventional ways such as from common friends/relatives rather I was always and forever comfortable meeting new people online. and almost all popular dating apps I have installed and used at least once. I recall all those disappointing chats and numerous times being blocked and planless weekends in my single years, at times felt overwhelming and kinda embarrassing. But I always believed that love is a force and God has his plans for all of us. I had a secret little prediction. Someday my wait, which seemed so much longer than expected, would offer the most wonderful reward. Somewhere out there was the most amazing person, and we were saving ourselves for each other. Then everyone would see: I was a catch, which was why I wasn’t going to be snatched up by just anybody.

Sometimes, in the midst of that sort of frustrations and feelings of rejection during my single years, I came to realize that relationship status has nothing to do with a your worth. If you are looking for the love of your life. and if unfortunately if you’re still single might mean your instincts have told you to hold out for something better. You, are a single girl, you are adorable, and worth someone’s wait. And You, a single guy, are the end of one sincere heart’s ardent search for love. Someone is looking for you, too. You are a catch, one special person’s catch, and the timing of being snatched up by your spouse is just a part of your love story.

and, I’m still glad for all the experiences I had as a single, for opening my heart up to finding my one true love but never settling for something that might have been better for someone else. I’m still glad I was stuck with my own perspectives of love, thinking I was not everyone’s cup of tea but just enough of a catch to wait for the most amazing person I know to snatch me up. Stay safe, healthy and confident everyone, until that time and person comes and finally snatch you!