The Chill of Dating

It’s another Saturday the 27th 2021. It’s my time to reflect again. It has been a challenging week at work. I have been depressed lately for someone unidentifiable reasons. So I was trying to figure out if my depression has anything to do with my current status of love-life. I am fortunate, my depression was not linked to anything that makes sense, most probably I had some hormonal imbalance. So let’s talk about some hyporthetical findings from my scattered thoughts. Regardless how young I look in my AI-selfies I am reaching 40’s soon. and being technically single at my age is often portrayed in the wider media with sarcasm – humor or pity, and it rarely reflects the reality that being single is often the best course of action to protect our self-respect and our core values that we don’t want to sacrifice just to have a relationship. It’s based on my 18 years dating experience. Time might have changed – things might have been different now but there are few things it will always be the same.  Romantic relations are one of those never-to-old thing we will discuss until the end of the world.

You may disagree but Dating is still or even more fun for late bloomers such as myself. I’d say: There are more options available for my age category than before. Sometimes I think I should stop installing all those stupid dating apps but at the end – who wants to give up the hope to finding their own true love. Let me share some refreshing perspective and advice for you on figuring out what it is you’re really looking for when you’re dating at my age. And from there: you’d be able to better justify why you should NEVER consider your age as a negative element.

First and foremost: Life is It’s all about desire. desire of soul and physical parts. heart desires to breath. brain desires adrenaline that’s the natural configuration. So let’s start to follow your desire. Universal fact is: Dating should be fun and it does not have an age category. The thrill of waking up next to someone new— feeling their soft breath against your body—is fantastic at this age. But dating at forty-plus is too often cast in a sad light by the younger generation. So we often misunderstand the difference between how this world wants to see us and how we actually visualize our desires. PLEASE don’t be misguided by what you read on social media about dating at non-date-able age : rather focus on understanding the opportunities and reflect on your own wishes and desires. Such broad perspective should never lead you to unnecessary depression or sadness, as they say: if you don’t give up, you still have a chance.

So, that being said: my realization was clear. What I’ve found based on my personal experiences so far is that being untaken in life can be really glamorous in many ways: specially that there’s a freedom that hits at some point in your forties. At this age you are not looking for anything indecent (FUBU or something similar) but What you should be looking forward is sincere love and/or simply pure fun. And at thing age, our lives are often less-freighted by needs surrounding building a family producing kiddos- or financial stability etc. That’s nice right? Trust me with age comes wisdom and also comes a radiance – a power from within. A glow and appeal. Whatever it is: it can be still very alluring. And exactly that is why Being single later in life can be Quite glamorous and you still have a chance to succeed.

Yes I agree that you will have numerous rejections : in person or in dating apps, but When it comes to romance- We tend to forget that Our drive for perfection can override our sense of self-worth, and obscure our desires – even to ourselves. Just consider this as a PLUS point that The benefit of being guided by desire at forty is that we have more freedom, mutually, plus the wisdom of plenty of years of life to accompany us. And that can make you a good catch as your future date. Again – as they say: if you don’t give up, you still have a chance.

Cheer’s & happy weekend to you all.