Hello there! I sincerely appreciate your time to visit my website. I am not a writer, not a speaker, rather I call myself a thinker of topics like The principles of creation and the law of attraction. This blog site is a tiny attempt to share others my thoughts and perspectives about love, life and making a living with no regrets regardless how short or long the life would be. Its never late to take an iron grip control over our lives to be in vibrant health, money, love, happiness or purpose.

I have always believed that you already possess everything you need to create the life of your dreams. but my mission is to show you how, give you the strength to do it and provide you with the tools that will unlock the truly magical powers you were born with and destined to use, though sharing my ideas and thoughts, wide open to my readers.

I was raised by myself almost entirely, being homeless was not a surprise, sleeping in dormitories and/or parks and getting my meals from free food banks or my kind hearten friends showed me path to all the wisdom I posses today. I have been refused countless times by the people I so deeply loved and yet I have always refused to accept that this was to be my reality and here I am today!

If any of my writing helps you realize your self worth, my investment, time and efforts will be paid in full. Thank you again!

No one is perfect and I am definitely not even close to perfection. Your valued suggestion and ideas can help me create something better in near future. Let me know your thoughts.

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