Live a little more!

Some Wise man quoted “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” There is more joy in pursuing less than can be found in pursuing more. In many ways, this is a message that we already know to be true.

It’s just that, since the day we were born, we have been told something different. We have been told that possessions equal joy. And because we have heard that message so many times and from so many angles, we have begun to believe it. As a result, we spend our lives working long hours to make good money so that we can buy nice stuff. and along the way we forget those people who loves us, and waits for us, to have little time for them.

But when I again hear the simple message that there is more joy in pursuing less than can be found in pursuing more, it rings true in my hearts… because deep down, I already know it to be true. I know that materialistic possessions don’t equal happiness and joy. And I know that my life is far too valuable to waste chasing them. There is no alternative of being in love with living souls, your fancy car key, your dream house cannot ultimately complete you, and I am sure, you all will know it eventually. maybe on your death bed, when it’s too late.

So today, I remind myself again the values I had forever, my beliefs deep down, my passion. and still my love is the highest goal I’ve, and my effort is the best tool I possess.

Our life is short. We only get one shot at it. Maybe 50-70 yrs I guess I’ll be breathing. So I want to make the most of it. And I won’t chase materials ever in my life because I have seen how being materialistic can destroy relationships that matters so much more. They steal our precious attention, time, and energy and we don’t even notice it. until it’s too late.

My life is unique. My look, my personality, my talents, and the people, specially the ones loved me for a while and eventually left, have influenced my life have made me special. As a result, my life is exactly unlike others. And just because everyone else is chasing material possessions doesn’t mean I have to too.

And my life is significant. Far more than success, my hearts desire significance because significance lasts forever. On the other hand, possessions are temporal. They perish, spoil, and fade. And most of them, by design. You won’t drive your same care forever, your dream house will get damaged someday. But there is a BIG chance that the person who loved you will love you each and every day the same or/and more and more and more. It will never fade. That’s the significance of love. Hmmp at least the way I see it.

And my life is important. And my heart and my soul makes me valuable, more valuable than you think. And I Don’t sacrifice my important role in this world, and to people I love and care and vow to hold till my last breath by settling for materialistic possessions that can be purchased with a card of plastic.

And today I remind myself once again, my life deserves better. Joy, happiness, and fulfillment are found in the invisible things of life: love, hope, peace, and relationships. A relationship that does understand your values. And those things that actually matters so much more are not on sale at your local department store.

Be reminded that your life is far too valuable to waste chasing material possessions. And find more joy today by choosing to pursue “better,” rather than “more.” I thank you and all for making me realize it once again.

Share the message to your love ones who are chasing their materialistic dreams and unable to reciprocate your true love.