Me & Some Psychology

We do all somewhat agree that there is nothing more complicated to understand, than a human mind, regardless a male brain or a female one. And specially if its brain of a water sign, such as a Scorpio mind. So, many people asks me, what mean by complex mind, how do I define complexity? why I think it’s complex? or why I never tried yet to change? So let’s talk about it today and let me explain it from my perspectives, the things you will need to consider when you are trying to read my mind or understand my actions. It’s October 25th Friday, so please expect my brain might be little tired of a hectic week at work and my thoughts might be little disorganized than usually it is.

Firstly, you will need to UNDERSTAND. I will never be perfect. At some point I will be very inconsistent. Sometimes I will be impatient (specially outside my working hours). Sometimes it will be hard for me to even handle my own mood swings, my tantrums, my logic-less tampohan. So consideration is the first thing of understanding the complexity hidden behind me.

Secondly, very importantly, you will need to consider my crave for FREEDOM. I have been independent since i was a teen, I supported myself all along, all alone. So my freedom to do the things that I like is like Oxygen. You cannot Box me, you shouldn’t even try. Do not choke him in the neck. The truth is, if he really loves you, he will never do things that will hurt you. He has a life to live so do not take that away from him. You are not his world. You are just a part of it.

Thirdly, Oh god I wish everyone knew the true meaning and process of how to RECIPROCATE. This is the most complex part in me. I am extremely effortful, yet reciprocal. And I think I must not change it. If you do appreciate me, make efforts too. Ask me how was my day went. Ask me what went wrong. Love me as hard as even it hurts the ribs but well. Be patient with him too.

Lastly, ATTENTION moves everything in the best possible direction. Like you, I need your attention too. I need consistent reassurance as well that I have a reason/purpose of existence in life, in mine and in yours too. Do not give me reasons to doubt why I am still breathing.

Okay enough of scary explanation of what I am and what is complexity in being with me. Yes I am not perfect, neither you. There will never be a perfect man or a woman, even angels are not so perfect. But if you know me and if you the quotes I lived by: 1. let love be the Highest goal. 2. Efforts are the indicators of interest – I am sure, some how deeply understanding the true meaning of those lines would make more sense of why I would never change from what you call a complicated mind. Again, Sometimes you want to be understood so much, that we forget to understand me. That’s all for today.

Thanks for your time and reading.