Sleeping Disorder?

So I have been single and living alone for about 90 days now and a common problem when you are living alone is sleeping disorder, or let’s say hard time sleeping straight what I call Singleness Syndromes in my own terms. The reason behind it is simple : you miss someone to hug you and kiss you goodnight. or maybe you cant stop over thinking. And sometimes this could be serious heath issue. for example: I can barely sleep more than 3 hours straight, or more than than 5 hours in total. which has numerous side effects that I am started to feel such as a poor metabolism, early aging – I think I look a bit older than I used to be, lack of appetite (but it didn’t have any impact on my penguin shape) and so on. the worst part is when you cant sleep you are bored as fuck. Well yes it may sound bad but that’s the ugly truth. so, moving forward, to avoid long term psychophysical health issues: here’s a list of few things I will start practicing to do to keep myself occupied.

Solve a puzzle. Sounds so first grade, right? But They say doing a puzzle is not only a great way to stimulate your brain but after you finish it, there there is a sense of accomplishment with the final result.  I’m wondering if there are puzzles made by FHM or Playboy, Guess that would be extremely stimulating Lols.

Paint : walls, bike, furniture, anything. Am I not bored of seeing the same boring color on my wall every freaking day? I’m sure painting can be a great idea. Its not a huge investment but it will help getting physically tired and fall asleep sooner. I will try it soon and see how it goes.

Cleaning my house: Yeah, chores are boring but when I have my favorite song turned up to full volume, cleaning can be fun. I also won’t feel bad about taking a break because I am doing something productive! After cleaning and when i am ready to get back to sleep, I will be in a more cleanly environment. ready for *sweet* dreams.

Thanks for reading. You can share it to you single/recently heart broken friends who were complaining of sleeping issues.