Stereotypical Error – Men are men!

You might find it hard to believe that men can think about things other than sex. It’s true. Although, how often they think about other things might still be out for debate.


But, did you ever stop to think about why men love sex so much? Besides the fact that it’s awesome and feels great? Have you ever thought that maybe sex was a way for men to express their feelings?


Because let’s face it, men aren’t really great at expressing their feelings, but they are great at having sex.


Some experts believe that men use sex as a way to show their feelings, but it’s turned into a big stereotype that leaves them looking less than desirable to women.


Perhaps then, the one thing that men want more than sex is to be able to express their feelings…and receive those feelings in return.


Women aren’t as good as they think they are at expressing their love. Women claim to be good at expressing their feelings, but some experts have said that women are not great at expressing their love to men.


They outwardly love them, and tell others they love them, but when it comes to expressing those feelings to their male partners, women sometimes fall just as flat as the men.


Where men use sex as a way to express their feelings, they also need to have sex in order to feel those feelings are being reciprocated.


See where I’m going with this? When women reject men, even men whom they love, it makes men feel like they aren’t loved, even when women tell them they are. It’s all very interesting.Why women can’t express their love through sex. There are a number of reasons why women might not be as comfortable expressing their love through sexual activity.


One reason is that when men ask for or initiate sex, women aren’t stopping to think what it means beyond the act. They think it is a means to an end, so to speak, not an expression of love. After all, women have been conditioned to think of men as “men” and “men” don’t need anything. Women are thought to be the needy ones in the relationship.


Another reason why women often reject a partner’s sexual advance is because women associated being needy with being childish.


If a man wants to “cuddle” it can spark images of boyhood and childish intimacy that women associate with their children.I It can be hard for women to draw the line when they are nurturing men, because it brings about feelings of motherhood for them. And a third reason why women might shy away from sex with their male partners is because they don’t trust their feelings.


In other words, some women have reported that men who said they “needed” them, later beat them and treated them poorly. Not all women feel this way of course, but sometimes these things manifest themselves in a way that not even women understand.


In conclusion:

So while women claim to be the open ones in a relationship, men want to be just as open, but often express those feelings in a different way.


Sex between two people is a very vulnerable act, and women should recognize that vulnerability in their partners.


When women push men away because they think that they are just trying to “get in their pants”, they are missing an opportunity to become closer to their partners, and are denying their partners a chance to express themselves in a way that feels comfortable and natural to men.


We’re not saying that men should be able to “get up in that” whenever they want, but women need to be more in tune with what their male partners need from a relationship.


Expecting that sex is just sex is a poor interpretation of a relationship on a woman’s part, and she needs to understand that males and females express their feelings differently. Women should let go of their preconceptions about men and sex. Sometimes, things are not always what they seem, and this certainly could be the case when it comes to what women think of men and sex.


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