Who am I ?

Who Am I ?

Name: Safin Ahmed
Age: 39 (Nov 15. 1981)
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Religion: Islam (By Birth)
Location: Tikling Taytay Rizal
Status: Single, Living Alone
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Am I a Muslim? 

Muslim is a person who follows Islam. I was born as Muslim and have been a Muslim all my life. But as I grew older my values and perspectives changed. I started to realize that the almighty God has different ways to judge our actions not just by the book. I believe in God and his books but I also believe that he can see my actions and that’s how I will eventually be judged.


How to reach me?

Facebook: m.me/ahmsafinph

Instagram: @ahmsafinph

WhatsApp: +639773930397

Why I am here?

A long long time ago, I meet my first ever Filipina Girlfriend online in 2003 via Yahoo messenger. It was a long distance relationship and eventually  I moved to Philippines in 2007. Since then I have been taken and untaken a few times, But finally, since August 2019 I started living on my own a purely single life. Why I am still here in Philippines? because I have a 10yrs old Filipina daughter currently  living in Zambales with her grandparents. She is still very young and needs my presences, support and supervision. And besides I can’t find a reason to leave her here – my sense of liabilities to my daughter wont let me leave Philippines as of now. I will never get tired of taking pride of doing my fatherly liabilities to her as long required. And, regardless of anything, I am still in search of my forever and I still kinda believe – my own true never-ending love belongs somewhere here and I will surely bump into her someday.

What Do I do?

I work in a BPO/call center as Web Hosting support representative. I love what I do and it pays my Bills and all. To feed my mind, I am a motorist I love taking small rides in nearby cities and and I taking pictures, that’s all. Oh recently I started to cook again on my boring weekends. And I write blogs once or twice a month. So stay tunes – Who know.

                               What questions do you have?